The festival "The Reflection of Disability in Art" constitutes the transformation into a socio-educational act of the desire and responsibility to highlight the interactions between important dimensions of human nature and culture.

For four continuous years the festival "The Reflection of Disability in Art" gave opportunities for expression, creation, dialogue and collaboration to many people who loved it, supported it and made it their own. Special thanks to everyone and especially to the volunteers, the staff of the Department of Education and Social Policy and the University of Macedonia and of course to everyone who participated in its actions.

Unfortunately, many and various factors, which often exceed even the power of the decision of dedicated people, do not allow the festival to take place in 2022, nor to continue in its current form.

However, every end also marks a new beginning when there is vision.

The "Reflection of Disability in Art" Festival is now a Unit of Laboratory of Applications for the Educational and Social Inclusion of individuals with learning and adaptation difficulties (LAESI). In particular, one of the units of the workshop is the Unit ‘Support for Social Inclusion through Art’, which has as main axis the Festival and the objects: 1) art as a means of expression, creation and social inclusion, 2) volunteerism, as a process of mutual acceptance between individuals with and without disabilities and 3) leisure activities, as a field of activities for promoting social inclusion.

The head of the festival Professor Lefkothea Kartasidou and the Director of the Laboratory Professor Ioannis Agaliotis are planning the utilization of the rich legacy of the Festival in the context of promoting the goals of LAESI which refer to mutual acceptance, cooperation, and the joint effort for a better world without exclusions.

Stay tuned for our actions in the new year.