The International "Reflection of disability in art" Festival (iRoDi), as an institution of the University of Macedonia and as a unit for the Support of Social Inclusion through Art of the Laboratory of Applications of Educational and Social Inclusion of People with Learning and Adaptation Difficulties (LAESI), invites people with Down syndrome, intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder to participate in an open photo competition on the theme "The world I live in... the world I am".


“Be what I thinkBut I think of being so many things!”

Fernando Pessoa


The action is implemented in collaboration with the Down Syndrome Association of Greece and the Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People (Thessaloniki Branch) and offers an opportunity to express the creativity of disabled people through Art. 



Terms of participation

A. Photographs


  1. The photographs considered to be of outstanding quality will be included in the Photography Exhibition and other related events of the Art Program of the 5th International "Reflection of disability in art” Festival.
  2. Participation is open to people with Down syndrome, intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder, who have reached the age of 18.
  3. Every photographer will submit one (1) photograph which

3.1  is accompanied by:

-       The contact details of the photographer or the organization he represents,

-       Short biography up to 200 words of the photographer and presentation of the organization

-       A description of the photo up to 200 words.

-       In case of depiction of persons, confirmation of their consent to be attached to the submission e-mail (see below).

3.2  Meets the following technical specifications:

-       Minimum size of 8 Mpixels,

-       Jpeg file format

-       little technical post-processing


Submissions that do not meet all of the above conditions are automatically excluded.


4. The deadline for submission of applications for participation in the Photography Competition is the 31st March 2023.

5. Photographs should be submitted to .


The photographs submitted will be judged by a panel of photography experts.


C. QUALIFICATION for the exhibition

Participants whose photographs qualify for the exhibition will be notified by the University of Macedonia as to the exhibition program as well as the remaining festival events.



1. The submission of photograph automatically implies the full acceptance of these terms and an affirmation of the truth and accuracy of the data.

2. The photographs submitted will remain in the University of Macedonia archives and will be used for educational purposes.

Participants submitting photographs concede to the University of Macedonia the non-exclusive right to publish them for promotional purposes.

3. The University of Macedonia reserves the right to publish information accompanying qualifying photographs.

Contact information

University of Macedonia

Department of Educational and Social Policy

Cc Lefkothea Kartasidou

156, Egnatia Str., GR- 54636


Tel. 0030 2310891350