Opening Ceremony: 3 December 2023

Opening Ceremony: 3 December 2023

Our festival starts dynamically on December 3rd with screenings of films that deal with topics such as accessibility, the power of family, and self-discovery. 

How did an accident, a wheelchair, and a super grandmother fill a town in Germany with Lego-made ramps? How does independence and autonomy of individuals with disabilities in their homes felt after collapsed when they are faced with an almost inaccessible city and its inhabitants? Is the lack of accessibility a problem that only concerns people with disabilities?

What challenges do children with disabilities and their parents face behind closed doors? And what happens when an adult with a disability is called upon to reunite with his brother, who now has his own family?

Lastly, how does a person with intellectual disability find the way to creative expression through speech and movement? What is the relationship between amputees and their limbs? How did Paraskevi find the confidence and optimism to shout a resounding 'dare'?

Perhaps you'll find some answers in our screenings!

You can secure your free tickets for the screenings by following the link below: