Musical-theatrical team ERODIOS

Founded: 2021

The volunteer musical-theatrical team, ERODIOS, was founded at the beginning of 2021. Its goal is to create content, performances, plays, and shows, within Rodi Festival. The team is coordinated by Sophia Spanidou, Vasilia Stamouli and Archodia Benazi.

The members of ERODIOS are also members of the Festival’s volunteer team. The volunteers are undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Macedonia and graduates of University of Macedonia and other Universities as well as people from the arts’ industry. For the better function and coordination of the team, all the volunteers are divided into sub-groups. These sub-groups include: the musicians, the singers, the actors/actresses, the dancers, the set/costume designers, the script/play writers, the directors, and the technical support team.

The team’s logo was created, voluntarily, by Nikoleta Karga. It comprises from three elements: the musical-theatrical team’s name (ERODIOS), the words that compose the name, eros, odi, and rodi, which corresponds to love, song/ode and pomegranate, the name of the Festival respectively, and the wings of erodios, which are designed on the right side of the logo.

The word ERODIOS encloses three other words, which are: eros (έρως), odi (ωδή) and rodi (ρόδι).

Erodios is a bird that belongs to the family of Ardeidae Throughout history, birds have accomplished to inspire humans due to their ability to fly. They make us escape reality, they take our minds away from the everyday problems and worries. Finally, they help us see, wonder and explore our intellectual a little more, a little deeper every day. Birds were, are, and will forever be combined with the concept of freedom, since birds are the only creatures that are allowed to go/fly wherever they want, whenever they want and no one is able to tell them otherwise or to restrict them.

Furthermore, eros (έρως) corresponds to the concept of intense desire and/or love/affection and the devotion to the object/person/goal, as well as the deep attraction and interest for this object/person/goal.

Moreover, odi (ode - ωδή) is an ancient Greek type of lyric poem. This type of poems is characterized by the personal and majestic style of the poet and his or her need to express his or her thoughts. In Ancient Greece, odes were psalms that were chanted by choirs (choros - χωρός) to praise and/or to please the Gods, lords, heroes, and the political regimes.

Last but not least, rodi (pomegranate - ρόδι) in the Greek folk tradition symbolizes fertility and happiness as well as good fortune, good health, joy, prosperity and love.

The musical-theatrical team (Erodios,) aspires to incorporate all the above mentioned concepts and meanings through its work and activities. Inspired by the values and the moral compass of the Rodi Festival, the musical-theatrical team aims to create an even bigger, inclusive team that will function based on love for the Arts and freedom of expression.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic and the special social conditions that brought alongside, the first gatherings and activities of the musical-theatrical team took place via internet. Within four months, from March to June 2021, the team created two online projects. The first of the projects was based on the fairytale of «Hansel and Gretel» and the second one was themed by the triplet «Color, Animal and Habitat». The goal of each project was the production of original material and the cooperation of the team’s members. To achieve these goals, the participants worked with their respective sub-groups and then presented their work to the whole team.

The musical-theatrical team has already started preparing for its participation in the festivities of the 4th iRodi Festival, which will occur between the 3rd and the 10th (from the 3rd until the 10th) of December 2021.

The musical-theatrical team’s news and activities are posted on the social media of the team, on Facebook and Instagram.

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The vision of the festival is to highlight the interdependence amongst the members of a society as a key lever of social change.


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