DAY 5, 7/12/2021

DAY 5, 7/12/2021


Post-Event Survey

Four unique films about athletes with disabilities introduce us to the concept of inclusion, obstacles and stereotypes.

Gerardo Panero from Argentina presents the short film about the disabled tennis player Gustavo Feranndez entitled "No difference". The film describes the struggle for the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports.

Dimitri Udovick's documentary "Heatbeat" from Serbia presents Rastko Jokic, a Serbian Paraolympic champion who broke the world record in shooting, through difficulties and obstacles as well as dark spots in his life that he had to face.

The Argentine-produced documentary "Those who do not want to see" directed by Graciela De Luca seeks to make the lives of people with blindness visible, focusing on their potential and breaking down myths and stereotypes.

The movie "What happens tomorrow" directed by Anastasia Shtandke comes from Russia to present the life of a young athlete, Leisan, who is actively preparing for the European Table Tennis Championship. Her chronic training, awards, the love and support of her family and friends help her overcome the stereotypes and difficulties of society and conquer her dream.