Press Release, 7/12/2021

Press Release, 7/12/2021



5th DAY

4TH International Festival “The Reflection of disability in Art”


       The fifth day of the 4th International Festival "Reflection of Disability in Art" began melodic with the song "MI RE LA" with lyrics and music by Spyros Grammenos. The song was presented by the RoDi Music Orchestra and the choir of KDAP MEA "Access" Perea.



       The program continued with the screening of four documentaries on "DISABLED ATHLETES". The screening began with the documentary "Heartbeat" directed by Dimitri Udovicki. "No difference" directed by Gerando Panero and "What happens tomorrow" directed by Anastasia Shtandke were screened. The screenings ended with "Those who do not want to see" directed by Graciela De Luca.



       Afterwards, the moderator of the panel discussion, Mr. Giagazoglou Paraskevi, Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of Serres of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, welcomed the audience and thanked for the opportunity to participate in the festival.

       The screening was attended by Rastko Jokic, the protagonist of the documentary "Heartbeat", who took the floor and answered the questions of the speakers. Mr. Rastko in general shared his own experience from the shooting of the film but also from his daily life being the same athlete with a disability. He said he wanted to inspire people just as he was inspired. He advised the listeners "not give up and to continue despite any adversity". He also mentioned that sports present a part of himself, not entirely him as a personality. Sport, like other fields in general, is related to the authentic effort of the individual and not his disability, as not everything is determined by disability.

      The stage was then given to the speakers, Mr. Kasimatis Vassilis, Director of the Down Syndrome Association of Greece & Director of sports and development program of Special Olympics Hellas, Mrs. Saranti Katerina, disabled athlete and photographer and Mrs. Antonopoulou Anna Stinton Special Olympics Hellas. Ms. Saranti Katerina referred to the importance of sports in her life and was in line with what Mr. Rastko had said. Then Mrs. Antonopoulou Anna stated that she was excited about the films that were shown. Mr. Kasimatis Vassilis also thanked the festival and placed himself on the words of the previous speakers.

     Finally, the audience addressed questions mainly to Mrs. Antonopoulou Anna and Saranti Katerina. The questions concerned their own sports experience through their participation in sports activities, the accessibility and the existence of sports infrastructure in their city, the freedom to participate in urban sports activities (eg marathon), etc.

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