Press release

Announcement of awards of the 4th International Festival
"Reflection of disability in art"

Thessaloniki, December 11, 2021

The 4th International Festival "Reflection of Disability in Art" with the acronym iRoDi, which was held online this year due to the pandemic, was successfully completed on Friday,December 10, 2021.

The rich program of the Festival included the screening of 42 films by Greek and foreign producers, speeches, music events and artistic events. During the Festive Closing Ceremony of the Festival, the winners of the Film Competition Section were announced as follows:

1)      INNER ME by Antonio Spanò (Italy)

2)      ASAK by Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari (Islamic Republic of Iran)

3)      Born to dance with an extra chromosome: the drag queens (and kings) with Down’s syndrome ”by Nikolay Nikolov (United Kingdom)

The Audience Award went to the movie: HOW TO TRAIN AN ANTI-HERO by Ioannis Bletas (Greece) and the Student Award went to the movie: A SON LIKE OTHERS by Antonio Sequeira (Portugal).

The Jury of the Competition Film Section of the Festival consisted of: Georgia Fyka, EleniAndroutsopoulou, MatjazDebevc, Strati Hatziielenoudas and Tsakiri Maria.

Moreover, during the Closing Ceremony, the prizes for the Music Composition Competition were announced. The Award is given to Mr. Kzounias Michalis for his work "Walk" and an honorary award is given to Mr. Kapageridis for his work "Wave".

The members of the Jury of the Competition Department of Music Composition were: StamouLida, VouvarisPetros, Zarias Giannis, AthanasiadouFani, and Kourtparasidis Elias.

Within a week, the 4th International Festival "Reflection of disability in art" managed to enter more than 1500 houses inside and outside Greece. Actors, directors, speakers, volunteers and spectators participated equally in cultural events in order to highlight art through the disabled people’s view. The organizing committee of the Festival warmly thanks the audience and those who contributed to this event and renews its appointment for next year with even more activities and film screenings.