6 December 2023 | Topic: Family Relationships (On Demand Online Screenings)

6 December 2023 | Topic: Family Relationships (On Demand Online Screenings)

Today is a day dedicated to the family. Through the films that will be screened, it is going to be highlighted the ways in which a family with an individual with a disability, copes with the challenges of everyday life. The films demonstrate the concerted effort of the individual with a disability and his/her family in order for him/her to become an active member of everyday social life.  These films represent the strength of the families and their determination to ensure that the disabled relative does not become a barrier to social life. Subsequently, the need for individuals with disabilities themselves to be able to support their families, as indicated by their cultural environment, customs and traditions, is also demonstrated. A complex mix of rights and obligations, in accordance with the given functionality of people and environments.

  1. Mr Fotso 

This documentary tells the admirable story of a man who became blind and who works with his hands to provide for his family and help his village.

  1. Take me home

After their mother’s death, a cognitively disabled woman and her estranged sister must learn to communicate in order to move forward.

Anna is an adult with an Cognitive Disability living with her mother in Midland Florida. When her mother is unresponsive, she calls her sister for help, but without the language to be believed, Anna is brushed aside.

Emily returns home and is immediately engulfed in a futile struggle for medical information, while Anna’s world is deconstructed. In this sadness, Anna sees the bigger picture and with a straightforward strength, Anna holds her own. The uncertainty for the sisters’ future independence remains but they are now a team against all odds.

  1. Unspoken Bond

Unspoken Bond is a heartwarming true story that follows the daily life and struggles of an elderly mother and her two disabled daughters as they strive to live a normal life.

  1. Natasha

Talented gymnast Natasha becomes a victim of a cruel teenage prank and falls out of the window. The only thing that her mother hears from doctors is 'Injuries incompatible with life'. After numerous doctors' refusals of medical treatment for Natasha, her mother decides to bring daughter back to life by herself. Extremely hard struggle, incredible perseverance and unwavering faith in miracle go hand in hand with mother and daughter fourth year in a row. But Natasha's dream to get back on her feet is still a long-cherished goal

  1. Only where nobody can see us 

Jaro is the 31-year-old congenitally blind man who lives in a close relationship with his stepsister Vlaďa. They spend their free and working time together filled with various activities ranging from sports, animals, charity events to music therapy. Recently, he has been taking African drumming lessons taught by the music therapist Miro. He plays the piano at the conservatory, enjoys performing, going to concerts and his collection of musical instruments is constantly growing. The documentary portrait depicts the intimate world of eternal boy whose character and morality is being formed in confrontation with adults during music therapy sessions and various different activities. The main topic observed in the film is the positive impact music therapy has in the life of a blind man on his journey to inner freedom and happiness. 

  1. Mom is going back

Is it possible to travel in place? Is it possible to replace the Himalayan expanses with the Beskid hills? Ever since Wiktoria - who suffers from infantile cerebral palsy – was born, her mother Weronika has been grappling with these questions, trying to find her old passions in her new life with her daughter. Society does not make this transition easy for her.

  1. Sentence

A caring mother who does everything in her power to help her stuttering child speak at his graduation ceremony, doesn’t realize the full magnitude of the consequences of her actions.

  1. They raped my disabled daughter

Mugwaneza Alice was born, she was diagnosed with a serious mental disability but her family was poor and could not afford the treatment that was required. Alice continue to grow with disability and when she was 17 she was raped, impregnated, and gave birth to a boy. Her mother struggled a lot to take care of both the daughter and her son while trying hard to teach her about reproductive health. Now that the boy has grown. Alice is able to attend a nun's training class where they teach the youth who were born with disability different basic lessons to help them adapt to society.

  1. The life story of Cynthia

Cynthia was born with mental disability that causes her to drool. Just after the birth of Cynthia, Cynthia’s mother left her to her mother to look after her. After Cynthia was diagnosed with the problem, the doctor recommended the family to take Cynthia abroad for treatment, but the family could not afford it. Her grandmother continued to raise her enduring mistreatment, insults and isolation Cynthia had to face from children her age every single day. Her grandmother was also always worried that Cynthia would one day get raped of face any other violence due to her condition. As a growing girl, her grandmother tries to teach her about her reproductive health though it is not easy. Despite all this, Cynthia is an active girl like any other child who was born without disability, she plays and can do domestic chores.

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